Important dose of nature and artifice.
@yiekes, you would love the panda habitat.

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More of these on the way! I like having the really big one in the mix.

Here’s the next one from this new series. Featuring one of my paint rags and a big silkscreen print in fabric.
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Sending some new work out into the digital world. Both here and in the nerve-wracking world of submissions.
Looking for a place to show these new fabric based pieces that make my ties to craft and domesticity a little more up front.
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Snippets from today’s studio visit with @lou.joseph

Favorite bits from my favorite painting at the BMA now back on view at @baltimoremuseumofart 😍

#danceclassstudiotime #inktober edition 
Back on my black only inktober game. I don’t do the prompts and stuff but I do eliminate color for a month going black only. For someone who’s all about color it’s helpful to focus on shape, line, and value and figure out what’s important.

These illustrations from my daughters favorite store.

Weekend getaway mini golf!

Good morning!
Trying to capture some color with this new floruescents and metallics kit from @sakuraofamerica

Held these on my lap while scouring last minute getaway ideas.
Not sure it counts as studio time.

My super collaborator @lisasolomon was on @ilikeyourworkpodcast this week.
Great interview/made me miss her.
Good thing we’re cooking up something new!

#Repost @ilikeyourworkpodcast with @get_repost
Another chroma installation by this week’s guest @lisasolomon created with the artist @christinebucktontillman ! I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from this week’s episode that you really loved when Lisa dove into the idea of protecting studio time. It’s so true! Any other parts you’ve been enjoying? Hope you all are having a great week!

Natural fall themed rainbow dots

Our house is the set for a tiny film my niece is making.

Gonna be posting these soon over @highfivefrenzy
$30 shipped for a tiny original drawing

The last two weeks. A visit from Elizabeth Kolbert at school, big time desk watercolors, balloons from memory, a chicken of the Woods mushroom, and some lists.
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#danceclassstudiotime birthday edition

Also this guy/future painting

I think I’ll paint the shadows too.  #mobilestudio

Future Painting.

Teeny tiny 4” water balloon drawings. Inspired by my nieces and nephews creativity this summer.

Little bit of studio time
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Finally back to The Secret Lives of Color.

This magic thing! Chicken of the Woods.
Shout out to @park_biology.jennings and our woods class.
Any foragers with cooking tips?
I painted it first.

Back to School Night. Shout out @_gingercurls_

Things organized by color.

Back in this saddle. ##mobilestudio #danceclassstudiotime

My super collaborator wrote a book!
Shout out to you @lisasolomon. Good luck tonight @raredevice . Wish I was there!

August sketchbook! Arizona, plans and plotting, drawings, studio views, a mind map, back to school, and drawings from the woods.
Shoutouts to @park_biology.jennings and @lmutchle 
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Hey friends. I’m auctioning off this print @artiststakeaction

Proceeds go to a great (and timely) cause.

My favorite book got a new friend.

Their idea and my dream for this rug that I built her nursery around 8y ago.
Shout out to @madame_webke

Welcome home ceramic party pals.

Back in the saddle taking reference pictures.

Piles of fabric
#studioview #tinystudio

Today was a big documentation day. Here’s a sneak peek at some new work. 

Thinking about this awesomeness that I taped into my old sketchbook.

Been my number one studio book since 2003. Thinking about her a lot lately. Big shout out to you @pollyapfelbaum 
Also, unrelated but, shout out to @lou.joseph for the studio visit today 🌸🌼🌻🌷🎈🎊🐚🍀

Sleek peeks of the next big things. I totally had to take over the guest room to set these up.

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Very deep in fabric world today.
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Love this thing. Considering making my own.

Coming to terms with my small studio. I’ve been in this space for 5 years. It’s the tiny extra bedroom in our house- and the light is perfect, and I can work in it.

I can’t spread out though- or have much more than one thing going on at a time. I don’t have a good place in here to sit and read, and it’s a challenge to do a studio visit- in huge part because I have very little real wall space- which also means not a lot of space for looking and reflecting. 
I spent a lot of this summer contemplating a studio move- and my current plan is to stay- I want this light- and I can always make a looking/studio visit space out of the guest room when I want it.

I was reading up on tiny houses- cause I thought embracing those ideas in my tiny studio.might make me feel better. They are all about carbon footprint and saving money- which is true but I’d get that no matter what room I was in with a home studio. But if I look at it in wanting to be able to be here whenever- while balancing a FT job and a family it becomes clearer. 
Tiny home studio forever.
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Experimenting with fabric Dye.
This made me think of you @cmthomasstudio

One way to try to understand these new friends.

Just got back from the last of my summer traveling. Thought I’d show the reality of the top of my flatfile as creative dumping ground for everything from me and my daughter.
#artistmotherco #studioview

I DID see some barrel cactus

Sunny morning for walking

Quick trip to Oracle, AZ. LOVING these shapes.

Arizona morning walk

Rare rainy morning in AZ.

The most amazing donation for a someday future #chromainstallation from the amazing @melissa.m.webb who is off to some amazing adventures. Baltimore is gonna miss you!

Roll hem foot FTW!


Pretty happy that I hit the rummage sale in the first hour.
If you know my accessories language these are obviously gonna be future necklaces.

Was working with some older digital files today and took a look at the scans of these killer collaborative drawings @lisasolomon and I made back in 2015.

I have a long way to go but officially started the big fabric pieces.
#artistmotherco #comfortershow

Sketchbook from the last week and a half. 
Hands of my oldest friends, broccoli cut out, a return to WV, balloons filled with water from observation, and experimenting with the new tumeric ink.
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Thinking back on this gem from last summer.

This bad boy is available for only $35 shipped @highfivefrenzy

Bought this tumeric ink from @wayward__daughter at @hellosantangelo. Drawings coming soon.

Awesome and much anticipated trip to @nellierosetextiles ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Here’s some of what I’ve been printing this week. 
So stoked. The heavier paper lets me add more layers. The finished pieces are all unique silkscreen monoprints each with a different color scheme. They’re finished off with a gloss printed confetti layer too which is probably my favorite a-ha moment of the whole process.

Finished about 12 of these. Feeling really good about how they’ve come out.

Test proofs from this series are available for $35 (US shipped) @highfivefrenzy .

Not all these confetti prints are CMYK but these little illustrative color mixing bits are some of my favorite moments from these prints. 
Find them over at @highfivefrenzy

Hey friends, anyone have/know anyone who has built a studio? I have a dream and some questions. Reply or send me a DM.

Even more excited about these.

Shipping day.
You can see new listings @highfivefrenzy.

This awesome prototype has found a new home!

FINALLY made it to @createdomesticity saw your fabric @jenhewett. You’re doing good things Christina and are making me want to take up sewing.
Thought of you @achildhoodstore and @kim_bentley

Important hands from today.

Turf in the left real grass on the right #fakenature

Three proofs posted over at @highfivefrenzy $35 each/shipped(US)

Feels good to be printing.

Follow @highfivefrenzy for a flash sale of confetti print proofs

like these silkscreen monoprints?
me too!
I wanna change the paper I’m printing them on so I’m gonna try an instagram flash sale with these proofs.
$35 shipped.
I’ve made a new account so as not to clutter this one up with all the prints.
⚡️⚡️⚡️follow  @highfivefrenzy I’ll be listing over there soon.