Three ponies asleep in a parking lot.

In case anyone wants to go birthday shopping for me... @heidilowe

Evening beach

Beach house muse


Got to the beach while it was still foggy.

Vacation mode/ new sketchbook.

End of this sketchbook.
Meetings meetings meetings and continued obsession with The 4 color pens.
#draweveryday #sketchbookflipthrough #sketchbook

It’s end of school year office clean out season. JT and I decided to hardcore purge. My desk is like a sparkly rainbow diamond.
The sheer number of slides involved in the clean out was mind boggling considering it’s 2018. He had these souvenir slide sets he got in Italy in the 80’s but obviously made before then.  I’m ruthless in purge mode but these got rescued from the bin to photograph.

From my one brief stint as a set designer.
Into The Woods 2010 forever.

@elf_girl (a KEY member of #teamchroma) got a chance to visit #chromadc yesterday and got this great picture!
Missing this project in my life this summer something fierce @lisasolomon. #chromajapan?

So good to see glimpses of it in its permeant home

Gonna miss Kindergarten and all this unit block inspiration

One day later than expected but these three functional ceramic pieces are up in the studio shop.

Link in profile


Meetings, Liz’s shoes, assemblies, last trip to The League for the year, a model in class, and full on dual 4 color pen obsession.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Kindergarten shrubbery

The piece my student is making with the positive shapes is even cooler!


Future painting/shadows on the door

Black and white big box inspiration: Target Edition

Square format

Big box store inspiration: Target edition

Found Chroma

Embroidering the same flowers I draw with ball point pens

Chroma everywhere


This ones next


Just finished and pretty raw. Need to flatten it out but happy seeing off the hoop- the double circle was just too much.

Vija Celmins has always been a favorite painter.

My mom is making an awesome cactus quilt. It features fake wood grain.


Robert brought home this rainbow paper for the little.

Busy week. Folk flowers, vintage postcards from @fruitcakedaily, friends from The League, meetings galore, and a trip to Philadelphia and the notes I had afterward.
#sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough 

Today’s #danceclassstudiotime

Self portrait with Large Glass

Self portrait with awesome fabric

More amazing ness.
@jean.shin glad I made it up to see this show! And that Jacob Lawrence painting- woah Nellie!

Professional Day Trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Morning kitchen rainbow

Cobalt residue in my water cup. I just use those short clear party cups to rinse out brushes in the studio. I love the patina they take on over time. I now have different ones for warm, cool, ink, and white- among others.

More #danceclassstudioreading

New season, new book.

Studio view

Last few weeks of sketchbook action. Big into the four color pen lately, a tiny bit of desk watercolors, and a couple of portraits of my friends at The League for People with Disabilities.

More views from the little’s classroom

We had snow last year after this tree budded - and never saw flowers- this year she’s working overtime


More wisdom.

We’re in laser cutter production mode at school. I like all these negative shapes and am totally making this into a drawing.

Baskets full of blocks from this week.
Early childhood is the best. I’m really going to miss kindergarten

Magic Aloes @area405

Took my class to @d_ubias  studio. Thanks @stew_artwatson

Loving these trivets at H Mart

This interview makes me like you even more Roxy Paine.

Studio view from this weekend.

The Paper Flower Tree

Easter morning

I’m a big fan of spring visual merchandising but this is right up there in my favorite things ever.
Inflatable Easter Eggs made in the 1980’s from @marimekkodesignhouse fabric by Baltimore jewelry superstar Betty Cooke and her son. @thestoreltd had them our today for kids (and big kids like me) to play with as a part of their Easter event.

Another massive inflatable egg made from vintage @marimekkodesignhouse  fabric

And this one was inside the store

Look at those little stitches!

My hand and the little on an amazing hand made inflatable egg

Spring colors at #danceclassstudiotime

Nice to see this version of Chroma again.
Flattered they chose this image for the profile of @raredevice and @giselle.gyalzen
Missing you and our project @lisasolomon

Making more drawings of blocks

Morning drop off inspiration from the little’s classroom.

First photos. Then weird animations. Then they’re going to be plates.

Inspiration on the wall at dinner