Starting the thing that I’ve been thinking about

Empty cups with a history of color.

These ceramic party hats are still available in the studio shop.
Dec 1st it’ll switch to some gloomy balloons. Just in time for the holidays and New Years!
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I took a whole bunch of kaleidoscope pictures of #chromadc

I took a whole bunch of kaleidoscope pictures of #chromadc

I took a whole bunch of kaleidoscope pictures of #chromadc

Tinsel Pom bow!

Vintage Acryla Gouache box

Treehouse perfection at Matt and Renee’s

Lovely fall day studio visit with Matt McConnville and Renee Van der Steldt

Nerding out on this chapter about the RISD Nature Lab while the little dances.

Sketchbook from the last two weeks. My interpretation of #Inktober was to limit myself to black and white for the month- a fun challenge for a color lover like myself.
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Bummed I had to miss this opening. But @matthewtmclaughlin put together an awesome show about the suburbs @stampgalleryumd 
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One last reminder. Don’t touch the art! 
Especially @yoonmi_nam and @christinebucktontillman sculptures.
(Sub)Urban opens tomorrow, Nov 1 @stampgalleryumd in the Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland, CP.
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Bow on an invisible box
Ink on paper
7” x 10”

The little made this tiny rainbow

@_b_crawford gave me the most amazing object today. It’s like a color wheel and a kitten combined.

So excited about seeing #chromadc in person. Not the easiest to document. Better pictures coming soon,but here’s a little video.

Color coordination

I finally got down to @thewharfdc to see #chromadc in person! My collaboration with @lisasolomon is installed permanently above a bank of elevators. More pictures coming soon.

Heraldic first aid

Balloon self portraiture

Creepy creamy sound of the clay paper chain

Links and links and links for (sub)urban

Installing for (sub)urban at the Stamp Galleries at UMD College Park.
Shout out to curator @matthewtmclaughlin and artists @amzeland and @yoonmi_nam. The big  install day is apparently Tuesday this is just round one.

My friend  and coworker Nancy makes amazing things.
Now if only I could do these moves with streamers!!!

More #Inktober.
Since I already have a pretty regular daily practice I’m taking this inktober thing a little differently- limiting myself to blacks and grays all month long and trying to crank out some new playful drawings based on some older sketchbook stuff.

The shadows on my book-while sitting and reading alone while @r.l.tillman took the little to the park and I manned the new smoker and made perfect ribs- matched the drawings of imaginary streamers I made in the studio right before.

Noticing our fine #Chroma print hanging out @raredevice .
Missing you @lisasolomon 
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Both stores are open till 6 today. Come and say 👋🏽

Must look at the old sketchbooks more often. Fine fine gems in there like this one from about 2.5 years ago.

New sketchbook.  April Ryan notes, Ed Emberly, #Inktober, and heads day in drawing class

Thanks @fruitcakedaily

5yo bracelet design

Monarch celebration

Glazed and done!
Everything fired really hit and the reds and and pinks all burnt out... but still feeling good. Maybe I can work back in with some gold luster on the right?

More #Inktober

Things to put in envelopes

Carnival color palette

I could make paintings based on the Little’s classroom for years.

There is a empty parking lot full of carnival rides at my work!

#Inktober y'all.
Starting off with a bang.

Thanks for the tip @_b_crawford awesome installation project by the BMA education staff.

French's paper Chroma

Blues purples and neutrals

Reading about and making notes about future drawings instead of actually drawing while at ballet class

Studio colors.
Gesso and red violet gouache.

black confetti
Watercolor on paper
14 x 20

Cap on the free probiotic drinks you get after lunch at the awesome Korean restaurant.

Last pages of this sketchbook. Including meetings meetings meetings, taking my drawing class to the museum and a color chart for my painted treasures.

Pile of black confetti drawings.

I think it should really be a straight line but of course I can't help myself

Getting closer.
Unfortunately the kittens are way into this project and knocking unpainted acorns around the house.

Red checks of the BMA

Tomas Saraceno while the work crew was away during my well timed class field trip.

The little made a color wheel with her tape resist painting.
So proud.

Remembering that my interest in flattened abstract botanical forms came from my work with fake flowers and overhead projectors.
So weird how this documenting and Instagraming everything adds insight.

What are these magic shadows?

🌈 left at out doorstep by the little's bestie.

Current palette.

Not sure why this one is sideways.
The return of painting at my desk and drawing/notes in assembly. Also cleaning my brush/making plaid while working on painting all those tiny objects.

#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough


Link in profile.

If you like the new ceramic party hats they'll be in the studio shop until December.
Life sized, durable, and fragile at the same time.

Confetti burst
Watercolor on paper
16 x 20

two bursts of confetti
watercolor on paper

The transition between blue and green

Book for the little about Mary Blair.

Painting tiny things green. There are probably tools for this

Another view sent from @thewharfdc. I'll be going down with a real camera after the interior is finished.
Yay @lisasolomon collaborator extraordinaire! Yay #chromadc !

@lisasolomon and I are thrilled about
#chromadc being installed @thewharfdc 
So exciting to see this coming together! 🌈🌈🌈

Up and open!
the Studio Shop is tiny online store selling 5 focused pieces at a time for a season. Fall 2017 is my new ceramic party hats. 
Cast ceramic with hand painted with imagery from my sketchbook.
Just as fragile as paper party hats but more permanent and ghostly and of course way more uncomfortable.

Ok friends.
Launching this little project on Thursday. 
Tiny shop. 5 pieces at a time. Changing every season.
Fall 2017 is ceramic party hats.

Working in this weird project where I take all the little things me and the little pick up while walking and painting them with all the colors of acryla gouache
#artistresidencyinmotherhood #arim

Sketchbooks full of more notes as well as trips to Chicago and Arizona
#draweveryday #sketchbookflipthrough #artistresidencyinmotherhood #arim


Totally accurate portrayal of agriculture from the state fair.

New confetti drawing in progress.