@baltimoremuseumofart trip with my painters and @jannaleighrice today.

The little made my day.
Shout out @annstarer

Art supply store 🌈

Full plate these days.
Making lists.

@goodnaturedviews working the magic for #naturalcolorsculpture documentation at Piece Work @goucherartgalleries

@goodnaturedviews working the magic for #naturalcolorsculpture documentation at Piece Work @goucherartgalleries



Still plenty of time to see this great show at @goucherartgalleries 
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Galleries are open, come visit!
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Future project.


Also, these favorites. Seeing connections with the Rachel Whiteread today.

These small Rachel Whiteread pieces  at the National Gallery 😍😍😍

All poly-bagged up. Studio clean out holiday sale coming up!

#danceclassstudiotime high tech style second week in a row

More perfection from Piece Work @goucherartgalleries 

Drawings as you come in. Piece Work @goucherartgalleries

All the little things. 
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Findings by Christine

@dominicterlizzi 🙌

@rachelbhayes 😍

Piece Work Opening @goucherartgalleries

Took my class to @school33artcenter for studio visits today. 
Awesome as always @taha_hey @tiffanyj_art !

These guys didn’t make it into the piece. Next time.
You can see the rest in person at Piece Work. Opening Tuesday 6-9 @goucherartgalleries

New sketchbook. The end of #inktober lists, plans, notes, Halloween drawings from class, and my first trip to NY with the little.
#sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #draweveryday

#danceclassstudiotime high tech edition.

Sneak peek at #naturalcolorsculpture 
Come see it @goucherartgalleries Tuesday.

Sneak peek of #naturalcolorsculpture @goucherartgalleries with an amazing pair of  @rachelbhayes sculptures in the background.
Piece Work opens Tuesday from 6-9 at the Silber Gallery at Goucher College.

Glorious table that @newstandardframes built for #naturalcolorsculpture @goucherartgalleries

They gave the little a sticker too. “Future voter”

Favorite lights of today

Color chart extravaganza from @cooperhewitt

Finally saw that color show @cooperhewitt

And then this papel picado extravaganza. They were custom for the museum featuring a wooly mammoth and other animal pals.

Greatest Day.
The Hall of Biodiversity at the AMNH is right up there for me with Its a Small World.

Oh yeah, I’ve been doing my own version of #inktober 
#sketchbook #draweveryday #sketchbookflipthrough

Outtakes from yesterdays photos.
Looking forward to seeing this piece come to life in just a few weeks!
#naturalcolor #naturalcolorsculpture

I’m donating this big ol’ framed drawing to @theparkschool auction this year. Happy to do what I can to support a place so close to my heart.
This drawing was a bit of a turning point for me and is pretty dear to my heart but a few inches larger than I can store in my studio.
More room in the studio for new projects!

Haven’t posted this for too long. Here’s the end of September’s sketchbook. Lots of #naturalcolorsculpture drawings and some notes from Dr Leana Wen’s inspiring talk at  school.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #naturalcolor

rainbow balloon (new)

Messed up texture in the yellow underglaze but I’m still happy. Ceramics friends? Any tips?


Out of the kiln. There are imperfections but I find them charming.

More work on this project
#naturalcolor #naturalcolorsculpture

You can’t tell but I’m having a little breakthrough here.

For the second year in a row I’m doing #inktober. I’m skipping all the prompts and just limiting myself to blacks and grays in the studio and in my sketchbook.

What my paint rags look like this week

Some of my Clark Elioak Farm Favorites.

Playing with the scarf prototypes that are available in the studio shop.


Pile of postcards headed to my classroom. Remember when mailing lists and postcards were the most important, and how you knew what your friends were up to/making?
Shout out @justinquinninfo

Well. I really got on a roll with things at the end. 
Trying to figure out these objects by drawing them.
Lots of lists and notes too.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough


Back in that ceramic saddle.
Color wheel plates and bowls.

😬🌈🌵 @fictitiousarchive

Very into this snow globe in @Kim_bentley and @kylevanhorn ‘s new baby room.

Total Gem!

@kylevanhorn made these killer riso charts for @micaprintmaking 💥💥💥😍😍😍

Hello Zelda.

New moves on a day off

Kaleidoscope party
Gouache on paper
7”x 10”

Oregon Ridge Nature Center.
As a taxidermy enthusiast how have I not known about this before?!

Awesome map sculpture

Two monarchs hatched while we were at school!

One of the 10,000 reasons I need to go see that @cooperhewitt color show.

Following your advice @vandersteltrenee

Back at school and the return of the 4 color pens.
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Studio Shop Update!
Each season I change what is available in my studio shop! For  September- December these scarf prototypes are available. Made of satin or chiffon with rolled seam edges and printed on one side they can be worn, hung, draped, folded, used as wrapping.
Each prototype measures roughly 35” x 53”.

Trying to talk about these wherever and whenever I can.
Thanks for the clarity @vandersteltrenee
#naturalcolor #naturalcolorsculpture

Awesome studio visit with @vandersteltrenee. Always an inspiration.

Relish Tray 😍

My studio shop is full of ceramic plates for just a few more days.

Natural habit for a Panda

Natural habitat for the mongoose

The little saw this double rainbow 🌈 
Rainbow on a rainbow placemat