Studio tidying. Hadnโ€™t documented this gem yet.

Dreamy candy store arranged by color!

1997 Christine would have loved this.

@r.l.tillman knew exactly what color I was going to pick.
Obv because the golf shack was pale yellow this stood out.

Mini golf inspiration


Summer inspiration.

I got to spend the morning at TRowe price offices in Baltimore for a pilot program @marylandartplace and @school33artcenter have started to bring art into offices.
First. The parking garage elevator is on brand. Second. my work is hanging in the Motherโ€™s room, which as a mother who pumped for 14m seemed perfect and fitting. AND Sabrina who organized the project @sabrinasikesthornton gets to hang out with my work three times a day! Instant bond! 
Thanks @melissa.m.webb and Amy Cavanaugh for making this happen!

Handwoven mylar party streamers

Forgot how satisfying these are to move and hold

The patchwork plaid sculpture is on its way to Lawrence Kansas!

Taped in inspiration. The worlds best finger puppet, notes from an awesome @baltimoreprints workshop, hand drawn plaids.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #sketchbooktour

Target forever

My co workers know me too well. These are bronze shavings.

@lisasolomon and are are a killer team. Chroma number four in the books. Smaller scale (for this project at least) can still fill the space!

Now I know what the next thing is.

In another life maybe Iโ€™d be Vera Nauman.

I have no wrist strength anymore but totally feeling these mono prints on fabric.
Paper version this summer.

Making it happen @baltimoreprints

๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ obviously.

Photos before we wrap up for the day! @lisasolomon

Beach rocks as weights. Thank you @shiningegg

๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ @lisasolomon and I are back at it this week. 
#Repost @lisasolomon with @get_repost
itโ€™s kind of like riding a bike. itโ€™s also kind of funny/awesome how the hard parts are still hard and how @christinebucktontillman and i work so well together. tomorrow we glue. #chromainstallation #tw #arrangethingsbycolor #chromaforever

This is happening. @lisasolomon and I making the Chroma magic mid- week.

@shiningegg inspiration drawer

Back to this project.

So much. Notes, lists, schedules, an inspiring writer, and introducing ink in my classroom.
moments of note for @thedrawingzoo @jsauntie and @elyzeemc 
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #sketchbooktour

Made this back when it was darker. Didnโ€™t think to look at them through the phone lens until now.

Taking care of business edition

Got outside today

Back on this weird thing I do.

The little made me an Easter Egg hunt yesterday while I spent 90m too long  getting the cars oil changed

#danceclassstudiotime this book inspired this ring purchase.

Chroma goodies from @sasha.fishman her studio move๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด is my gain!

This cluster just came back from an awesome show curated by @brian.wiggins pairing artists and their sketchbooks. So glad to get the chance to show both together- thatโ€™s only happened once before and I love the dialog it creates.

Getting more hardcore with the blown eggs. These are quail.

Should be enough glue. Right @lisasolomon?

Favorite egg from this year

Family tradition.

@r.l.tillman finding me a pennant flag cross walk in the wilds of Baltimore County.

#danceclassstudiotime making a calendar for @lisasolomon and my latest iteration of Chroma

Took my class today to see @benpiwowar s studio.  Getting into artists spaces is always like an amazing conversation.

The little made me this ring after school from something she found in our school garden. Shout out @alisonpenning for opening her eyes.

My hands are slightly less swollen (shocker considering the typing this week) and I still need to start the two week immobilization on this hand.

@bbonniecrawfordd is killing it in her new space. Thank you for hosting me and my students!

Peak blossom action in our yard. This is the most glorious tree.



Arizona, meetings, rocks & minerals,  and wrapping paper.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Three whites.

Owl pellet dissection

Fancy paint store after school

Natural color from the grocery store.

Moving #naturalcolorsculpture from point a to point b.

The little made me these leaves

This wrapping paper gets me.

Cake at Costco

Not on theme for todayโ€™s birthday party but I had to stock up

My new dance class friend is an awesome knitter!

Grabbing 30m while I can.

Last morning walk in AZ till this summer.

Pink mountains!

See how they are all so different.

Morning walk in reverse

Three mineral collections in three weeks. Azurite is my jam.