Should be enough glue. Right @lisasolomon?

Favorite egg from this year

Family tradition.

@r.l.tillman finding me a pennant flag cross walk in the wilds of Baltimore County.

#danceclassstudiotime making a calendar for @lisasolomon and my latest iteration of Chroma

Took my class today to see @benpiwowar s studio.  Getting into artists spaces is always like an amazing conversation.

The little made me this ring after school from something she found in our school garden. Shout out @alisonpenning for opening her eyes.

My hands are slightly less swollen (shocker considering the typing this week) and I still need to start the two week immobilization on this hand.

@bbonniecrawfordd is killing it in her new space. Thank you for hosting me and my students!

Peak blossom action in our yard. This is the most glorious tree.



Arizona, meetings, rocks & minerals,  and wrapping paper.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Three whites.

Owl pellet dissection

Fancy paint store after school

Natural color from the grocery store.

Moving #naturalcolorsculpture from point a to point b.

The little made me these leaves

This wrapping paper gets me.

Cake at Costco

Not on theme for today’s birthday party but I had to stock up

My new dance class friend is an awesome knitter!

Grabbing 30m while I can.

Last morning walk in AZ till this summer.

Pink mountains!

See how they are all so different.

Morning walk in reverse

Three mineral collections in three weeks. Azurite is my jam.


Morning walk. Free Grapefruit edition.

Back in AZ. Balloon sculptures forever.

March so far. Daffodils from @annstarer, notes, packing lists, and notes notes notes from #naea19 #draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Kaleidoscope party
8” x 8”
Gouache on paper

Back home. Irish Family.

Magic dots at dinner with @annarosesch and @no_ingram

Posting rainbows while I wait for Southwest to call me back about a flight.

Color charts of #naea19 . Liquitex edition. Thanks to the sales rep  for busting open a new product and telling me it was okay that I push some materials to their limits.

I may be more into minerals than I thought.

And then I walked in this room and audibly gasped.

Bucket list achieved.
Glass flower collection at Harvard museum of Natural History. 😍😍😍😭😭😭#naea19

Test Tiles of NAEA round 2 #naea2019

Test Tiles of NAEA Round One #naea19

Game changer.

Swipe through to see the grid detail

This navigational chart blew my mind in so many ways.


Boston Day One #naea2019

Happy Place @naturalhistorysocietyofmd

When you accidentally make one of your favorite Charlie Brown moments.

The little black dots are tiny holes. Some little friends had to get out. Can’t decide if these are the best or the worst.

Arriving at the blues

Magenta meets mauve

I’m in a rad show that showcases artists sketchbooks and their work in the same show. I’m all about showing the process and I’ve only been able to do this once before in a show.  Thanks for including me @brian.wiggins !


New sketchbook! Hands still swollen. Notes, plans, and collages. The pages already feel thick and heavy.
#sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #draweveryday

From this weekend. I got to start a new drawing.

When I work I listen to podcasts. It’s probably this serene then too but the silence makes it feel super duper serene.
#studioview #studiovisit

Second half of #naturalcolorsculpture. Seeing it like this is pretty great. Gonna keep this box just like this in the studio for a while.

#naturalcolorsculpture is back in the studio.
Looking for another place to show this internet.

The little brought home something awesome. Shout out @annstarer!

More Secret Lives of Color
moving from warm to cool.

Wrist brace edition. 
Today is the last day of 2w immobilization. No real reduction in swelling. Tips please!

Making the same drawing twice.

Paint rag snow day status update.

For about 5 years 2007-2012 I made handmade monthly calendars. Going back through them I’m finding some surprising drawing gems.

Studio view. Squeezing a little unfocused time in. Sometimes you just need to be there. It can’t always be the to do list. 

End of this sketchbook. Big meetings, a snow day, a trip to Philly. Thinking about all the ironwork at The Barnes, a collab with the little and a sneak peek into my listing systems in the back.  #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough #draweveryday

Love these parts. #danceclassstudiotime

Secret Lives of Color #danceclassstudiotime