You can’t tell but I’m having a little breakthrough here.

For the second year in a row I’m doing #inktober. I’m skipping all the prompts and just limiting myself to blacks and grays in the studio and in my sketchbook.

What my paint rags look like this week

Some of my Clark Elioak Farm Favorites.

Playing with the scarf prototypes that are available in the studio shop.


Pile of postcards headed to my classroom. Remember when mailing lists and postcards were the most important, and how you knew what your friends were up to/making?
Shout out @justinquinninfo

Well. I really got on a roll with things at the end. 
Trying to figure out these objects by drawing them.
Lots of lists and notes too.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough


Back in that ceramic saddle.
Color wheel plates and bowls.

😬🌈🌵 @fictitiousarchive

Very into this snow globe in @Kim_bentley and @kylevanhorn ‘s new baby room.

Total Gem!

@kylevanhorn made these killer riso charts for @micaprintmaking 💥💥💥😍😍😍

Hello Zelda.

New moves on a day off

Kaleidoscope party
Gouache on paper
7”x 10”

Oregon Ridge Nature Center.
As a taxidermy enthusiast how have I not known about this before?!

Awesome map sculpture

Two monarchs hatched while we were at school!

One of the 10,000 reasons I need to go see that @cooperhewitt color show.

Following your advice @vandersteltrenee

Back at school and the return of the 4 color pens.
#drawing #draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Studio Shop Update!
Each season I change what is available in my studio shop! For  September- December these scarf prototypes are available. Made of satin or chiffon with rolled seam edges and printed on one side they can be worn, hung, draped, folded, used as wrapping.
Each prototype measures roughly 35” x 53”.

Trying to talk about these wherever and whenever I can.
Thanks for the clarity @vandersteltrenee

Awesome studio visit with @vandersteltrenee. Always an inspiration.

Relish Tray 😍

My studio shop is full of ceramic plates for just a few more days.

Natural habit for a Panda

Natural habitat for the mongoose

The little saw this double rainbow 🌈 
Rainbow on a rainbow placemat

The end of summer. Meaning a trip to Arizona a list or two and then I’m in deep deep back to school mode.
#draweveryday #sketchbook #sketchbookflipthrough

Morning studio view

Heidi bringing the awesome to our studio visit.

kaleidoscope party
Gouache on paper
8” x 8”

Using the last bits of studio time I can find before the school year speeds up.

Arizona thrifted craft treasures.  Possible inclusion in a necklace. I have jewelry ideas brewing.

Morning walk.

Amazing test tile at the clay studio in AZ.

Test tile extravaganza

Morning walk highlights. Robert says I keep taking the same picture over and over again. But look at the differences!

Then she made this which is a part of a veil that she can wear and drag around behind her.
Also totally going to make these into drawings.

My daughter is a balloon animal genius.

Morning walk with senior citizen graffiti artist.


Tonight’s cactus

Balloon animal kit. Bought this for the little but apparently that means this is now a skill I’m learning.

Arizona morning walk. Day one. So. Hot.

Arizona weaving extravaganza

Chroma/Not Chroma
AND! A call for our next round!
This time we need clothes.

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hey ! @countrylivingmag we know that no one “owns” the idea of arranging cool things by color, but @christinebucktontillman and i kind of feel like #chromainstallation #rdchroma and #chromadc just might have inspired your thrill of the hunt spread in your june 2018 issue ?? long live rainbows ! 🌈 ////
speaking of which. christine and i are scheming another chroma and we need your CLOTHES 👚👕👖👔👗👙👘🧥🧣- swipe to the last photo for an example. there’s a link in my profile to a blog post and PO Box addy to send any submissions 😉
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Threw a pretty rad party for our pal Roy G. Biv and all his closest friends in the June issue of @countrylivingmag, on newsstands today! •🌈 Styling by @alison_allsopp •🌈 Art Direction by @maribethbjones •🌈 Photography by @sunnyhousestudio + @xlivfritz


New sketchbook. West Virginia wildflowers, notes, and to do lists.
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Finally getting a chance to see the Sondheim Semifinalists show. So much great work in this town!

Perpetual favorite.
Baltimore friends? What other taxidermy/specimen treasure troves do I need to know about?

Helping my new colleague with room prep-finding treasures: fuzzy edition.

Helping my new colleague with room prep-finding treasures: color wheel edition.

Helping my new colleague with room prep-finding treasures: party edition.

Great studio visit with @shanejuliaprada today

Using the gallery at work for a studio visit with @shanejuliaprada

Back at it 
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Hello Friend

More of these guys

End of this sketchbook. Featuring notes from studio visits with @heidi_neff_art and @matthewtmclaughlin  packing lists and a trip to rural Wisconsin.
I went all@the way to the end this time so you can see my other obsessive tally mark lists that keep track of activity and production in the studio- and of course the handy sketchbook pocket.
#sketchbookflipthrough #sketchbook #draweveryday


Last day of the Jack Witten show @baltimoremuseumofart Getting permission and ideas.


Back home safe but never posted this gem from our Wisconsin rental

More from Thomas.

Thomas WVa round 2

Family trail ride! Last picture me and Jolene.

From this morning